Pilates Privé Paris

Individual. Focused. Private.

At Pilates Privé, you will enjoy a tranquil setting where you can focus your mind on your body in a light, airy and private studios that are never crowded with other people - Seulement vous et votre instructeur dans la couer de 8e arrondisement!

You will profit from the undivided attention, detailed instruction & helpful motivation of some of Europe’s best trained, US-certified and fully bi-lingual instructors, both online and in person.

Bien sûr, nous enseignons en français ! Et vous pouvez traduire ce site - en français, en arabe ou en russe - en utilisant le menu situé au bas de chaque page.

You will learn to move with control, balance, strength, flow and ease in an exercise program that is individually designed to achieve your personal goals and grow with you on your path to physical fitness and equilibrium.

Come see what Pilates Privé can do for you:

“It develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”

- Joseph H. Pilates


Why Come To Pilates Privé?  Our clients keep coming back year after year because they have found exercise they enjoy doing, they see and feel the results quickly, and we provide a service that they can not find anywhere else: individual and truly private Pilates training right off the Champs Élyseés. Our instructors are highly trained, experienced and enthusiastic about creating the right environment for you to learn the Pilates Method. Because we limit our sessions to one or two people, our clients are guaranteed our full attention during every session and are undistracted by a room full of people. 

Who Can/Should Do Pilates?  Pilates is for everybody at any age. In fact, our client list ranges from teenagers to people in their 80's who have been coming to us since 2006. Pilates is a comprehensive method of exercises that can be modified to meet the needs of each student and all students build muscular integrity and body awareness skills that can be incorporated into everyday life. We also specialize in Pilates for Sports/Dance professionals, Pre- and Post-natal Pilates, and we work with several of Paris' best doctors and chiropractors helping them rehabilitate back injuries and restore muscle strength post-injury / surgery to their patients .

Teens, in particular, will absolutely benefit from Pilates. Their bodies can be improved by Pilates more quickly than adults because they have not locked into unhealthy habitual movement patterns or developed tight and imbalanced compensatory muscles. Pilates is also particularly well suited to keeping certain injury-prone sports professionals healthy such as: Golf / Tennis players, Dancers, Skiers and other sports where the spine experiences high levels of torsion and or jarring movements.

What Should I Look For In A Trainer?  A fully certified trainer who will work attentively with you, understands and continues to further your physical goals, while keeping you mentally challenged on a daily basis. The trainer should be able to modify each workout according to those goals and your needs during that session. Look for a trainer who is hands on, uses easily visualized verbal cues, demonstrates the exercises precisely, and uses all the equipment and tools available to them. The trainer should have a working knowledge of general anatomy, basic physiology and kinesiology - and advise you to see a specialist, if necessary. Lastly, all the study in the world will not help a novice instructor teach so 

What Should I Look For In A Pilates Studio?  Pilates is a mind-body learning process. Hence, it's crucial for you to be able to focus, concentrate on movement, internalize and listen to your body. So the studio you work in must provide an environment with minimal distraction, ease of personal awareness and the ability to do the exercises unconcerned by space issues - or the feeling of being observed by others, if that bothers your focus.

How Often Should I Do Pilates?  We recommend 2-3 private classes with a trainer per week as ideal, while supplementing that with mat work either at home or in a class, for maximum effect.  We do offer one small group class per week for those already taking private training and experienced Pilates students, and of course you will see and feel the effects with less training, it will just take longer.

How Long Will It Take Before I Notice A Difference In My Body?  Joseph Pilates said, "You'll feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions and have a completely different body in thirty sessions." Of course, this depends on what effort you put in - and everyone has a different body and a different response rate. However, we have witnessed our clients recover from back pain within 3 months, and clients regain balance and range of motion in short periods, of regular and highly committed training.

Will I Lose Weight Doing Pilates?  Pilates is not a "weight loss" exercise program per se. However doing regular Pilates will encourage weight loss when partnered with a sensible diet and a cardiovascular routine like bellydance.  That said, Pilates does tend to shrink the waist and tighten up the looser parts, so you may not lose a lot of weight but you will look a lot better!


Why Should I Invest In Personalized Training When Group Classes Are Cheaper?  If you want to experience and receive the true benefits of Pilates, it is best you start your work with an individual trainer. You will be learning a whole new way to function and live in your body. It is important to have guidance throughout this process - to have someone there who will teach you what muscles you are feeling, what muscles you should be working, and what muscles should be relaxed in order to have balance in your body. Because it is unfamiliar and challenging, Pilates is more effective and safer to have a trainer work with you during this discovery process so you know you are doing the exercises correctly. After a steady period of one-on-one training, it is of course possible to work in larger groups as well - but in our experience our committed  clients look and feel much better, much faster, with private/duo sessions.

What's The Difference Between Yoga and Pilates?  Pilates is about flowing movement that not only works the whole body but also isolates and works more specifically within a chosen muscle group. The Pilates breath pulls in with the abs as oppose to filling the abs up with breath. Pilates training should also include the machines which works with variable resistance unlike Yoga. We provide both as the balance between them is beneficial to our clients' health.

Why is Pilates Prive more expensive than some other studios?  As in any business, there are lower and higher priced options - but common sense tells us that you get what you pay for! Our mission is to provide the best individual and private training in the heart of Paris. To do so means we engage highly trained teachers with decades of experience, provide private spaces, allow a maximum of two students to a session, and do so in a premium location: all of which limits revenues and increases costs. We also do everything we can to make it affordable: we do not charge a "membership fee" as all other studios do, we raise prices no more than once a year, offer clear and substantial discounts for increasing your commitment in advance, and are more flexible to the best of our ability so you use all your sessions.





How long are your classes?  Classes commence on the hour or half-hour and are 50-55 minutes with 5 minutes reserved for changing upon arrival/departure. We ask that you arrive a few minutes early as sometimes we get a traffic jam in the dressing rooms! Remember, we are nearly fully booked so if you arrive late, we can not extend your session and you are only wasting your own time.

How do I book a class? How do I cancel it online?  We now use the Mindbody Online scheduling system which you can access directly from our website 24/7 on your computer, tablet or smartphone for booking/canceling sessions. Just click here: Book / Manage Sessions or above for more information

How and when must I cancel my session to avoid being charged for it?  Cancellations must be made online, via text or email received more than 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged. Telephone calls and voice mails are not accepted for cancellations. Monday classes must be cancelled on the Saturday before. If there is a medical reason for a prolonged absence from classes, then a medical certificate must be provided and we may have to change your scheduled time slot upon your return. We appreciate that, once in a while, an emergency comes up and we attempt to be flexible in this regard - but our regular clients understand that this is also a business and we will not be able to provide our service to them if we lose money because we can not fill their slot.

What should I eat before a Pilates session?  Pilates has a strong focus on the abdominal muscles groups, so it's best not to eat a meal right before your session in order not to have a full stomach. Bananas are many professional athletes' frequent choice for quick, light energy food in the middle of a match.

What should I wear to a session?  Comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in but not too baggy. Leggings and sweatpants work well with tank tops or semi form fitting shirts.

How can I pay for my sessions?  We accept cash, cheques, and PayPal or credit cards via invoice -  please be advised that using PayPal/credit card incurs a 3% convenience fee which we pass along to our clients. If you require an invoice, please advise us before you purchase your training sessions card, not after. Please see Pricing / Payments for more information.

How long is my session pack valid?  We think seeing personal achievement in Pilates requires minimum two sessions per week on a committed basis, so clients have 12 weeks to use a 10 session card and 24 weeks to use a 20 session card, without a written exception by Pilates Privé. This gives enough time to include holiday periods and travel. Please remember that:
a) you can transfer leftover sessions to family and friends, and
b) you can use your sessions when you are traveling
with almost any modern laptop/tablet computer and an internet connection, even in your normal time slot!

Can I get a refund or transfer my sessions to someone else?  No refunds are given - however you can give away or even sell your sessions to a friend or family member as you wish. Please notify us in writing if you plan to do so.

Do you offer a family plan or a larger discount? 20 sessions is our largest package for those students taking at least 2 sessions per week. Married couples or family members may share a 20 session package if each member is training 2 times per week. We do assemble "family plans" (3+ members) worked out specifically depending on the number of users and frequency. Several of our clients have purchased "The 100" for their families' annual use at a substantial discount,  with members using TelePilates™ for remote training as well as in-studio. Please contact us if you are interested in that level of commitment.


Why cant I stay with the same teacher (or equipment) for every session? Our experience shows that its healthy to change teachers some times because we see and teach different things and ways. Within the framework of Pilates there is a lot of influence from a teacher's personal vision. A teacher's past experiences, injury / employment history, and style of teaching makes each Pilates session a different experience. Likewise, we don't do exactly the same exercises on the same equipment every time because your body and mind need variety in order to strengthen, adapt and avoid boredom. The principles and benefits of Pilates stay the same - no matter the exercise, style, or whether it is Mat, Equipment or Standing Pilates.

Do you do Corporate Programs?  Yes we do - please go to Pricing / Payments for more information. 


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